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Australian Training Products have a long history of providing industry-leading, engaging eLearning solutions for the VET sector.

We aim to increase learner retention levels and help learners achieve their training goals. 

The learner journey is designed to be rich in multimedia and multi-modal content, yet effortless to travel through. 

Learners can access the highly engaging and interactive

content 24/7, and on any mobile device; all our resources are completely responsive. 

Benefits for you

Easy to use

We are eLearning experts. Our eLearning is simple to setup and user friendly

Complimentary LMS
Our team can also assist you with setup, troubleshooting, and training for this system

Extensive range of resources

Our eLearning resources span SIT, BSB, TAE and SIR. View our product list here.


Our LMS has Learning Tools Interoperability, which means you can use our eLearning resources with your existing system.

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